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Strategic Cooperation With Eitzen Maritime Service

It is with great pleasure, we can inform you that Eitzen Maritime Services and Kraemer Maritime, effective from 10.07.2009, has entered into a strategic joint venture agreement.

Ship Chandler is a sector with ongoing changes. Demands for government and surroundings in general are increasing. The market is changing, local and regional knowledge and service are important foundation, and at the same time global operations more often set the agenda. In light of this situation have Kraemer Maritime and Eitzen Maritime Services decided on entering into a strategic cooperation. The joint venture agreement gives our customers a broader support in the future that is customer oriented and competitive in the segment of maritime supplies and logistics both in Norway and abroad.

Kraemer Maritime has over the last few years built an organisation covering all of Norway within maritime supplies and logistics, and have developed modern and efficient business systems in order to support our customers in best possible ways. Kraemer Maritime is today leading within supply to ships and offshore installations, with departments in Hammerfest, Tromsø, Kristiansund, Ålesund, Florø, Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo.

Eitzen Maritime Services have over the last few years, similar to Kraemer Maritime, experienced a considerable growth mostly through acquisition. Eitzen Maritime Services are today able to supply customers in their world covering network, in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The joint venture agreement is entered into with the intent that both companies going forward will be perceived as better suppliers and partners to our existing and future customers. Competitive conditions, improved product range and excellent service all grounded in the business models of the future are the basis of our joint venture.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Fredrik Nilsen on +47 970 92 400 or fredrik@kraemer.no.

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Provisioning of vessels operating in the petroleum industry

In connection with the new customs regulations of 1 January 2009, oil-related vessels were allowed to purchase alcohol and cigarettes as well as meat products.

The condition is that the vessels are out of the customs area continuously for over 14 days.


For alcoholic beverages and tobacco, the following restrictions apply:
1 liter of beverage of alcoholic strength between 22 and 60 percent alcohol by volume, 2 liters between 4.7 and 22 percent alcohol by volume per person per week and 25 grams of tobacco products per person per day.

Prior notification

Customs authorities have decided that the vessel shall, when provisioning after the 14 day rule, submit a written report either by prior notification or on a separate sheet stating that the vessel will be outside the customs area for over 14 days.

From the same date, by the new customs regulation § 3.7, all vessels taking aboard provisions are required to submit prior notification to the nearest customs office.
The customs authorities can not, however, require prior notification of vessels that are not located in the port area.

For on call/standby vessels, this means that the declaration will always be required, but the prior notification must only be delivered when they go to dock.


Allocation of alcohol and tobacco products must be requested to the Customs Authority in the usual manner, stating the time period and number of people on board.

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Business award for Kraemer Maritime

A unanimous jury has decided that the Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Business Award for 2008 will be awarded to Kraemer Maritime AS.

– The jury praises the award winner for the effort of restructuring Kraemer Maritime from a local ship supplier into an international supplier of provisions and equipment to the offshore, fishery and cruise industries. The focus on innovative logistic solutions and a new IT system has made the company the leading player in the maritime supply in Norway, says the Bank Manager of Sparebanken1 Northern Norway, Ole Jørgen Ørjavik.

Kramer Maritime’s headquarters is in Tromsø, and has in just a few years established itself with logistics departments in Hammerfest, Tromsø, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansund and Ålesund. In 2001, the company had 12 employees and a turnover of 25 million NOK. The company currently has 70 employees and turnover in 2007 was 380 million NOK. The company is part of the traditional Kræmer Group in Tromsø, which was established in 1938 and has their 70 year anniversary this year.

– Conscious and bold commitment to developing the Kræmer Maritime as a knowledge-based organization and Kraemer Maritimes utilization of modern technology and electronic business management, can serve as inspiration for other businesses in the region, says Ole Jørgen Ørjavik.

– We are incredibly grateful and proud of the award from Sparebank1 Northern Norway. It is a great testament to our talented employees who have worked hard to build the Kraemer Maritime of today, says Kay Hugo Hanssen, CEO of Kraemer Maritime.

– We are blessed with owners who wanted to invest long-term while giving us room to be creative and try new opportunities, says Hanssen.

– In Kraemer Maritime we are allergic to activities that do not provide added value. Earlier, paper relocation and paper receipts were an essential part of our daily life. Now we serve suppliers and customers around the world almost without using paper. We save the environment and get satisfied customers, says a proud award winner.

Read the Nordlys article

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Article about Kraemer Seminar from Solship

Solship, a news magazine for Solstad Offshore ASA made a superb reportage in its issue for Q1 2009, from our Solstad seminar in 2009.

Kraemer Maritime and Solstad work together to implement the annual seminar, where we bring good partners, including Bama and Tine. The purpose of the seminars is to inspire and motivate. We try to bring up a lot of topics that are contemporary and which is relevant in the day-to-day work. The seminars are an excellent opportunity to get to know each other.

Is is a great website, primarily intended for employees of Solstad. Here you will find excerpts from the article from Solship and even more pictures; http://www.solstadcrew.com.

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Review in KystMagasinet

KystMagasinet were invited to Kraemer Maritime’s seminar on the 29th and 30th of may.

To find out more about what they thought, Read the article as a PDF or on www.kystmagasinet.no.

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The Barents Sea Conference

You can finsd us at the Barents Sea Conference in Hammerfest. Please visit us at stand 45 on the first floor. See the conference map or the Barents Sea Conference website.

Sammen med oss på stand 45 er Gac Ole R. Olsen AS.

Gleder oss til å se dere i Hammerfest på tirsdag 21. eller onsdag 22. april!

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Datateam article about Kraemer Maritime in their latest magazine

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Kraemer Maritime have turned deliveries to ships along the Norwegian coast upside-down.

Read the article here

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