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Information regarding the Coronavirus

Operational status for Kraemer Maritime AS:

All Kraemer departments are currently operating as usual. We are experiencing few cases of personell being absent from work, but the extent of this is not critical for maintaining operations as normal. Kraemer Maritime AS are defined by The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, as a «critical social function» with our supplychain of food to the offshore marked.

This means, that our employees will receive childcare in kindergarden or primary school 1st-4th grade. All though the schools and kindergardens are closed for everyone else. We are with this able to keep our emplyees working.

Kraemer Maritime have established systems, routines and actionplans to deal with any further escalation of the virus.

Product flow:

Our biggest suplliers are operating close to normal, but we are experiencing some temporary «sold out»- situations on several productgroups. Individual packed items, desinfectans, single use articles are products that has a large demand due to the Covid- 19 outbreak. Also, products imported from countries that are severly affecteed by the Covid- 19 can be delayed.

Suppliers have reported a reduction in demand for catering products (large packagings). The reason for this is the decrease in demand from onshore restaurants, catering services, hotels, etc. Due to this, we do not expect a general shortage of food.

We encourage our customers to:

  • Please place normal orders, do not stock up. If everyone orders as usual, we will be able to take care of deliveries to all our customers.
  • If temporary sell-out situations occure, we will have reduced opportunities to replace products. We will continue to offer replacement products from our regular suppliers if possible, but we do not have the opportunity to obtain goods from grocery stores. We do this to avoid emptying the grocery stores that will reduce access for the general population. And we want to minimize the risk of infection for our employees.
  • We encourage all our customers to order with as long leadtime as possible. This will help us to deliver close to normal standards.

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