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Our vision

We will be the preferred supplier of logistics services, consumables and equipment to the Cruise, Tank, Offshore and Fishing fleet, locally, nationally and internationally.


Customer focus

We build trust and good relationships with our customers through good service and customer communication.


Our departments cover the entire Norwegian coastline.


We will be best at product and delivery quality.


We focus on modern IT- systems and location-independent technology

Organization development

We build our expertise, streamline our operations and pull the loads together to realize our vision

Our goals and purpose


We have a zero accident vision in our safety work.
This means we work to prevent serious injury to personnel, environment or material values. “Serious injury” means any injury, mental or physical, which leads to permanent or long-term disability(LTI), longer periods of production or economic consequences.


We conduct annual surveys to meassure customer satisfaction. The goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction through increased delivery quality, product quality and service.


We are continuously working on reducing our carbon footprint. This is achieved by reducing CO2 emmissions in connection to our transport, food wastage and garbage reduction and improve efficiency of logistics systems