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– through active communication and quality

A major part of our customer orientation revolves around active dialogue and knowledge of our customers. Our concepts and products are based on a high level of knowledge and experience with customers in our area of business. This means that we have solid expertise within systematic planning and co-ordinating of deliveries to all our customer groups. We combine this with a strong focus on personal communication. All customers of Kraemer Maritime are equally important.

Kraemer Maritime aims to be a reliable and professional co-operative partner for its customers. This means among other things that we have carefully integrated routines for QA, IC and HES. We are well versed in all prescribed safety procedures and keep up-to-date with new legislation. This means that our customers can rest assured that all deliveries have undergone the necessary security routines before delivery. In addition we have a Security Prequalification (OLF 091) with ConocoPhillips that covers our entire organisation.

With a strong customer focus at all times we aim to offer optimum solutions. We wish to offer competitive prices for our services and products, and these should always be of high quality. In addition to this we aim to be a reliable partner who always delivers on time and deals with any non-conformity in a professional and efficient manner. At the same time, we have to remember the importance of continued pro- fitability for our customers, owners and employees. This means that we maintain a focus on improving quality and concepts, as well as developing the expertise of our employees.

Our overall customer orientation is based on good communication and logistics, as well as availability, adaptability and solid security routines. This ensures that all our customers have their individual needs covered.