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Individual requirements, tailor-made solutions

Our customers have different needs and it is important that our solutions are adjusted to suit their requirements and pre-requisites. At the same time, we seek solutions that are efficient, simple and cost effective for all our customers.

We have a well functioning IT system that ensures a good logistics flow. Our ADB system offers a number of advantages to our customers, including contract customers with special needs and requirements for the organisation and control of deliveries and stock lists. Among other things,we provide professional advice with regard to defining a range of provisions and/or equipment. The fact that we have a standard system for all our divisions means that the amount of paperwork is reduced, invoices can be centralised and we are easily able to keep track of our range of goods. Our customers can choose to have a permanent contact person within our organisation so that problems can be solved within a short space of time. We also offer Internet purchasing services where customers can register their own orders from an overview of our product range.

Our ADB system offers the following advantages:

  • Standard price structure for contract customers with all divisions.
  • Accelerated ordering procedures.
  • Standard format for consignment notes,invoices etc.
  • Improved administration of framework agreements and fixed price agreements.
  • The possibility of obtaining statistical information on consumption, as well as composition and comparison with other units.
  • Customers retain/are given a permanent contact person for the entire coast.