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Kraemer Maritime AS Strengthens Its Commitment to the Arctic Region

Tromsø based Kraemer Maritime AS are moving into eastern Finnmark by buying Unex Industri og Ship Supply AS in Kirkenes. Kraemer Maritime, whose turnover in 2013 was 600 million NOK, is betting on continued growth in the north.

Ship supplies is an industry in constant change. The market is changing, and the regulatory requirements and the surroundings in general is becoming more comprehensive. In light of this situation, Unex have considered opportunities for cooperation. We wanted to make changes that ensure that in the future, Kirkenes will have a customer focused and competitive participant in this market. Therefore, we have decided to sell the company to Kraemer Maritime, AS, the leading player in this market, says Jan Tore Jørgensen, general manager of Unex.

Kraemer Maritime has its headquarters in Tromsø, and in just a few years have established itself with branches in Hammerfest, Tromsø, Florø, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansund, Oslo and Ålesund. In 2001, the company had 12 employees and a turnover of 25 million NOK. Today the company, with its 70 employees, has a turnover of 600 million NOK. The company is part of the traditional Kræmer Group in Tromsø, which was established in 1938.

– Deliberate and bold commitment to the development of Kraemer Maritime AS, in an industry with great potential for innovation and consolidation has appeal among many who want to be part of the team, as customers or partners, says Kay Hugo Hanssen, CEO of Kraemer Maritime AS.

– Therefore, we are very proud that a reputable actor like Unex chooses to join forces with us. This is a recognition that the thoughts and ideas we build our company on are right, says CEO Kay Hugo Hanssen.

– We look forward to getting new employees and our own department in Kirkenes. This will further strengthen our position in North and puts us in an unique position when it comes to serving our customers in this exciting region, says Hanssen.

For mer informasjon:

Kay Hugo Hanssen
CEO, Kraemer Maritime AS
Mobile: +47 481 55 990
E-mail: kay.hugo@kraemer.no
Jan Tore Jørgensen
CEO, Unex Industri og Ship Supply AS
Mobile: +47 450 07 980
E-mail: post@unex.no

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The Norwegian Armed Forces Chose Kraemer Maritime AS

Kraemer Maritime AS has won a contract for delivery of supplies and services to all The Norwegian Armed Forces’ vessels. The contract takes effect on February 1 lasting three years, with the possibility of one year extension. With its many vessels within the different military branches, The Norwegian Armed Forces is one of the largest maritime communities in Norway. The contract is of significant size for the contract period.

– Kraemer Maritime AS has been selected as a supplier after having been assessed against the main criteria: price and quality, and proven to be the best at both. The requirements of defense include 62 detailed points of responsibility for IT solutions. For us it is a great recognition that we can deliver the best solutions and products, and at the same time triumph with competitive prices, says sales manager Fredrik Nilsen at Kraemer Maritime AS.

Kraemer Maritime has logistics departments in Hammerfest, Tromsø, Oslo, Bergen, Florø, Stavanger, Kristiansund and Ålesund. In 2001, the company had 12 employees and a turnover of 25 million. The company currently has 75 employees and in 2013 had a turnover in excess of half a billion Norwegian kroner. Through building a nationwide chain in Norway within maritime supplies and logistics, Kraemer Maritime AS has become the natural first choice for maritime operators in Norway. Today, Kraemer Maritime AS is Norway’s leading supplier to ships and offshore installations.

– This is another recognition of Kraemer Maritimes customer focus, competitiveness and aggressive commitment to the development of modern business systems. We now see that the development of advanced digital solutions for service and deliveries are bearing fruit. The Norwegian Armed Forces are at the forefront of adopting new technology and digitalisation, which helps to optimize cooperation, says CEO Kay Hugo Hanssen of Kraemer Maritime AS.

It makes us very proud that Kraemer Maritime, after such a thorough evaluation, are considered to be the best in all allocation criteria. At Kraemer Maritime, we look forward to taking on the task of providing the men and women of The Norwegian Armed Forces the services or products they need, nationally and internationally, says Hanssen.

For further information, please contact:

Kay Hugo Hanssen
E-mail: kay.hugo@kraemer.no
On-Call: +47 481 55 990

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