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What We Do Always available, with high expertise, client focus and innovative solutions

  • More Than Good Logistics

    By contributing to increased knowledge and awareness of good nutrition on ships and offshore, we want to be more than a good supplier. In this way we want to help create positive ripple effects for our customers. Consequently, Kraemer Maritime AS wants to be a valuable partner.

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  • Our expertise

    At Kraemer Maritime, the main focus is always on you as a customer. We will show you that your interests are safeguarded at all times through personal contact and solid operation. Simultaneously, we offer services that you can take advantage of, next to professional logistics and precise deliveries, such as seminars on health, nutrition and food security.

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  • Custom Solutions

    Our customers have different demands, and it is important that they get customized their solutions to their needs and conditions. At the same time, we are looking for solutions that are efficient, simple and cost-effective for all our customers. We have a well-developed IT system to ensure flow in the logistics, which provides a number of advantages for our customers.

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  • Customer Focus

    A significant portion of our customer focus is active dialogue and knowledge of our customers. Our concepts and products are based on high knowledge and experience with customers in our area of business. This means that we have solid expertise in planning and coordination of supplies to all our customer groups.

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  • Always Available

    Kraemer Maritime AS covers the entire coast, and we are available to our customers all along Norway’s extended coastline. In addition, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Deliveries are arranged by planned needs, time horizon and sailing patterns, so that supplies are managed and supervised at port.

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  • About Kraemer Maritime

    Kraemer Maritime AS has a long tradition of maritime supplies and logistics. In 1955 Kræmer started deliveries to ships out of Tromsø. Today’s ship supplies is less about providing products where supplies are scarce, but increasingly about system, structure and availability at short notice.
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