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Provisioning of vessels operating in the petroleum industry

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In connection with the new customs regulations of 1 January 2009, oil-related vessels were allowed to purchase alcohol and cigarettes as well as meat products.

The condition is that the vessels are out of the customs area continuously for over 14 days.


For alcoholic beverages and tobacco, the following restrictions apply:
1 liter of beverage of alcoholic strength between 22 and 60 percent alcohol by volume, 2 liters between 4.7 and 22 percent alcohol by volume per person per week and 25 grams of tobacco products per person per day.

Prior notification

Customs authorities have decided that the vessel shall, when provisioning after the 14 day rule, submit a written report either by prior notification or on a separate sheet stating that the vessel will be outside the customs area for over 14 days.

From the same date, by the new customs regulation § 3.7, all vessels taking aboard provisions are required to submit prior notification to the nearest customs office.
The customs authorities can not, however, require prior notification of vessels that are not located in the port area.

For on call/standby vessels, this means that the declaration will always be required, but the prior notification must only be delivered when they go to dock.


Allocation of alcohol and tobacco products must be requested to the Customs Authority in the usual manner, stating the time period and number of people on board.

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