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About Kraemer Maritime

Kraemer Maritime AS has a long tradition of maritime supplies and logistics. As early as 1955, Kræmer started deliveries to ships out of Tromsø. At that time, ship trading started as a result of poor structure and availability of the equipment that ships needed. A shipping trade put this into system and ensured availability. Today’s shipping supply is less about providing equipment where supplies are scarce, but increasingly about system, structure and availability at short notice.

Traditions and long experience in the industry provide, however, no guarantee of customer satisfaction. Today, Kraemer Maritime combines extensive experience from shipping supply, with the latest utilities within business systems and data infrastructure. Online reservation systems made available to you, as a customer, and used towards our suppliers. Quality- and reporting systems continue to be developed continuously. IT and HSE systems form the basis for all our dealings. Anything to reduce the chances that errors and defects will arise in our deliveries, and for you to see us as a reliable partner with whom it is convenient, easy, and profitable to trade.

Kraemer Maritime ensures that you as a customer, aboard ships and offshore installations along the Norwegian coast, get the equipment and food that you need – where you need it, when you need it.