Kraemer Maritime is part of the Kræmer Group, which is owned by the Kræmer family in Tromsø.
The company has been active in shipping and trade for over a hundred years. An incredible number of women and men have had their daily work at Kræmer, whether it has been in fishing and maritime hunting, fish processing, the grocery business, ship trading or real estate.

Fiske og fangst

All the way back to when Hagbart Kræmer helped buy the first fishing vessel "Polarstrømmen" in 1916, until the company from the 1970's operated the trawlers "Anny Kræmer" and "Hagbart Kræmer", Kræmer has been a key player in this industry.




Fish fillet factory

In 1938, Kræmer opened its fish-processing industry and the production of stockfish and salted fish. In 1943, the activity was expanded to include fish fillet production in Tromsø. This part of the business developed over several years; in the 1990s Kræmer had one of the most modern fish fillet factories in Norway and was among the city's largest employers. The fishing industry and trawler operation were discontinued in the 2000s in favour of trade and real estate development.


ship chandlery
and consumable goods

In 1953, the first ship chandlery was established in Tromsø. The company then, as now, sold everything the ships needed in terms of supplies, provisions, and equipment. In the years that have passed, the Kræmer Group has continued to advance the ship chandlery, also in combination with its grocery business.


Kraemer Maritime

In the early 2000s, what is now Kraemer Maritime was established. Kraemer Maritime has its origins in the ship trade that Kræmer established in 1953, although a lot has changed since then.


We are established with departments in Kirkenes, Hammerfest, Tromsø, Kristiansund, Ålesund, Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo. Every day we deliver food and equipment to kitchens and pantries on board fishing boats, supply vessels, oil rigs and other customers on land and water. From Ny-Ålesund in the north to the Troll station at the South Pole.


The company is currently owned by the Kræmer Group together with ASKO Norway.